Downloadable documents from CE Hooton Sales

C.E. Hooton Sales' product, the Hootonanny, is useful for an assortment of industrial applications. Each unit is a cost-effective polymer-mixing solution you can adapt for a variety of purposes, but its full range of capabilities may require explanation. Consequently, we created a series of documents to assist your in using the Hootonnany effectively. You can use our documents for a variety of purposes, some of which include:

  • Determining if our product will meet your requirements

  • Installing our product in your application

  • Operating our product

  • Maintaining our product

  • Estimating the number of units you need to purchase

Hootonanny trifold

The Hootonanny trifold provides instructions for Hootonanny installation, operation and maintenance. You can also find Hootonanny specifications and performance data. With this information, you can determine whether the Hootonanny will meet your requirements. If you decide to purchase the Hootonanny, you can also use this trifold to install, operate and maintain the Hootonanny effectively.

Note: Click the following link to view and download the Hootonanny trifold: Trifold (English) Trifold (Spanish)

Hootonanny Performance Testing paper

The Hootonanny Performance Testing paper is one of our most extensive documents to date. This report discusses mixing performance using the Hootonanny and provides analysis of test performance data in the vacuum-hose and funnel-feed configurations. It includes diagrams, data tables, correlation curves and images of the Hootonanny as it relates to these tests. Using the methods discussed in this paper, you can use this information to estimate the supply flow and pressure of the Hootonanny for your applications.

Note: Click the following link the Hootonanny Performance Testing Paper: Hootonanny Performance Testing Paper